نامه ۱۹۱ وکیل ایرانی کانادایی به دولت کانادا برای کمک به خیزش مردم ایران

by | Oct 6, 2022

برای نخستین بار در جامعه ایرانیان کانادا، ده‌ها تن از وکلای ایرانی-کانادایی با امضای نامه‌ای به جاستین ترودو، نخست وزیر کانادا، ضمن محکوم کردن نقض گسترده حقوق بشر در ایران خواستار حمایت همه جانبه دولت کانادا از خیزش آزادیخواهانه مردم ایران شدند.

در این نامه که به امضای ۱۹۱ وکیل رسمی دادگاه‌های سراسر کانادا رسیده از دولت کانادا خواسته شده با توجه به شرایط دشوار اعتراض کنندگان در ایران و نیاز فوری آنان به دسترسی به ابزارهای ارتباط جمعی فوراً یک کارگروه تخصصی برای رسیدگی به محدودیت شدید اینترنت در ایران تشکیل دهد.

وکلای امضا کننده این نامه همچنین درخواست کرده‌اند دولت کانادا باید اقدامات بیشتری از آنچه تاکنون اعلام شده انجام دهد. وکلای ایرانی- کانادایی در نامه خود نوشته‌اند درخواست‌های دیگری نیز دارند که در مراحل بعدی به اطلاع عموم خواهند رساند.

دکتر بیتا امانی، استاد دانشکده حقوق دانشگاه کوئینز کانادا و علی احساسی نماینده پارلمان کانادا، از جمله امضاء کنندگان این نامه هستند.

متن انگلیسی نامه وکلای ایرانی- کانادایی و لیست امضاء کنندگان به شرح زیر است:

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

RE: Human Rights Violations and Censorship by the Iranian Government

We write to you with a heavy heart to express our grave concerns with the systemic human

rights violations that the world has witnessed occurring in Iran against innocent civilians

exercising their most fundamental freedoms guaranteed under international law.

Over the past several weeks, Iranians have taken to the streets to express their outrage at

the death of a 22 year old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, while she was detained and in the

custody of Iran’s “morality police”. Ms. Amini was arrested for having allegedly failed to

comply with the country’s archaic mandatory dress code; a law that deprives Iranian women

of the right to freely select the clothes they wear. The quest of Iranians for freedom of

expression has been met by a violent response from the Iranian regime, while hundreds

have died in Iran for having protested the death of Mahsa Amini.

The disturbing images and videos from Iran display brutality by the state apparatus, the likes

of which the free world has rarely seen. Footage from hundreds of cities across Iran show

regime officials shooting at unarmed civilians and violently beating those on the streets

including children, women and the elderly. Troubled by the worldwide embarrassment

caused by such footage, the Iranian regime has entirely cut access to the internet for

Iranians so it can silently carry out its violent clampdown against freedom of assembly and

freedom of speech.

As lawyers of Iranian descent, we can attest that the movement in Iran, with women at its

forefront, is of the kind that in recent history has paved the way for the adoption of

fundamental freedoms such as those enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human

Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – a movement that must be

supported by all proponents of the free world.

As home to the second largest Iranian diaspora, Canada can serve an important role in

supporting the people of Iran. Iranians are desperate to restore their access to the internet

to maintain effective communication among themselves and to keep the world informed of

the atrocities being committed by the Iranian government. We ask the Government of

Canada to immediately form a task force with a mandate to review obstacles to internet

connectivity in Iran and to devise practical mechanisms that can broaden internet access.

This can initiate the involvement of many NGOs and non-profit organizations that intend to

assist in this endeavour, but are not currently aware of means and modalities to do so.

It is our hope that with the free flow of information, Iranians can once again live in a country

that upholds their ancient adherence to the values of respect for all humankind – values

which are embedded in a poem written eight centuries ago by the great Iranian poet Sa’adi:

“All human beings are members of one frame,

Since all, at first, from the same essence came.

When time afflicts a limb with pain

The other limbs at rest cannot remain.

If thou feel not for other’s misery

A human being is no name for thee.”

Sincerely yours.

(signed in alphabetical order) 

1. Ayda Abedi, Lawyer, Québec 

2. Naser Abedi, Lawyer, Ontario 

3. Negar Achtari, Lawyer, Ontario 

4. Bijan Ahmadian, Lawyer, British Columbia 

5. Ali Ahmari-Moghaddam, Lawyer, Ontario 

6. Elahe Aiaseh, Lawyer, Ontario 

7. Amer Ali, Lawyer, Ontario 

8. Bita Amani, Lawyer, Ontario 

9. Shohrh [Shora] Amini, Lawyer, British Columbia 

10. Behrouz Amouzgar, Lawyer, Ontario 

11. Niusha Arbabi, Lawyer, Ontario 

12. Anahita Ariya Far, Lawyer, Ontario 

13. Hirad Asnafi, Lawyer, Ontario 

14. Andrew Azmudeh, Lawyer, Alberta 

15. Proshat Babaeian Koopai, Lawyer, Ontario 

16. Saloumeh Baghbani, Lawyer, Ontario 

17. Faizie Bagheri, Lawyer, Ontario 

18. Nassim Baharian, Lawyer, British Columbia 

19. Hannah Bahmanpour, Lawyer, Ontario 

20. Firoozeh Bahrami, Lawyer, Ontario 

21. Nadia Bakhtiari, Lawyer, Ontario 

22. Ali Baniasadi, Lawyer, Ontario 

23. Reza Barari, Lawyer, Ontario 

24. Mobina Basiri, Lawyer, Ontario 

25. Rambod Behboodi, Lawyer, Ontario 

26. Sirus Biniaz, Lawyer, Ontario 

27. Lillian Bonakdar, Lawyer, Ontario 

28. Ayda Choupani-Nejad, Lawyer, Ontario 

29. Pouya Dabiran-Zohoory, Lawyer, Ontario 

30. Bahareh Danaei, Lawyer, British Columbia 

31. Ali Daneshvar, Lawyer, Ontario 

32. Fariborz Davoudi, Lawyer, Ontario 

33. Navid Dehghani, Lawyer, Ontario 

34. Nikki Dehnashi, Lawyer, Ontario 

35. Marjan Delavar, Lawyer, Ontario 

36. Mannaneh Duval, Lawyer, Ontario 

37. Sana Ebrahimi, Lawyer, Ontario 

38. Bob Ebrahimzadeh, Lawyer, Ontario 

39. Ali Ehsassi, Lawyer, Ontario 

40. Marjan Elbaum, Lawyer, Ontario 

41. Delara Emami, Lawyer, Ontario 

42. Peter Esfandiari, Lawyer, Ontario 

43. PJ Esfandiari, Lawyer, Ontario 

44. Ali Esnaashari, Lawyer, Ontario 

45. Taraneh Etemadi, Lawyer, Ontario 

46. Yasna Faghani, Lawyer, Ontario 

47. Maryam Fakhar, Lawyer, Ontario 

48. Hossein Faramarzi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

49. Aida Farizeh, Lawyer, Ontario 

50. Sean Fattah, Lawyer, Ontario 

51. Farzad Forooghian, Lawyer, British Columbia 

52. Gila Gabay, Lawyer, Ontario 

53. Navid Ghahraei, Lawyer, Ontario 

54. Toloue Ghahraei, Lawyer, Ontario 

55. Rona Ghanbari, Lawyer, Ontario 

56. Gia Ghassemi, Lawyer, Ontario 

57. Paniz Ghazanfari, Lawyer, Ontario 

58. Jaleh Ghazi, Lawyer, Ontario 

59. Azin Ghorbankhani, Lawyer, Ontario 

60. Marssa Giahi, Lawyer, Ontario 

61. Bahar Hafizi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

62. Milad Haghani, Lawyer, Ontario 

63. Negar Hashemi, Lawyer, Ontario 

64. Sayeh Hassan, Lawyer, Ontario 

65. Shima Heidari, Lawyer, Ontario 

66. Tina Hessami, Lawyer, Ontario 

67. Ziba Heydarian, Lawyer, Ontario 

68. Iman Hosseini, Lawyer, British Columbia 

69. Mostafa Hosseini, Lawyer, Ontario 

70. Ruzbeh Hosseini, Lawyer, Ontario 

71. Samaneh Hosseini, Lawyer, Ontario 

72. Behnoud Irantalab-Tehrani, Lawyer, Ontario 

73. Amel Jahanmiri, Lawyer, British Columbia 

74. Amir Jahanmiri, Lawyer, British Columbia 

75. Maryam Jamshidian, Lawyer, Ontario 

76. Asrin Jawaheri, Lawyer, British Columbia 

77. Zahra Jenab, Lawyer, British Columbia 

78. Ramin Joubin, Lawyer, British Columbia 

79. Shayan Kamalie, Lawyer, Ontario 

80. Aryan Kamyab, Lawyer, Ontario 

81. Bahar Karbakhsh, Lawyer, Ontario 

82. Ava Karbakhsh Ravari, Lawyer, Ontario 

83. Asal Karimi, Lawyer, Ontario 

84. Shahram Khalili, Lawyer, Ontario 

85. CJ A. Khanlarbig, Lawyer, Ontario 

86. Danny Kharazmi, Lawyer, Ontario 

87. Niki Khatami, Lawyer, Ontario 

88. Shiva Khatibi Sepehr, Lawyer, Ontario 

89. Money Khoromi, Lawyer, Ontario 

90. Eman Khoshbin, Lawyer, Ontario 

91. Art Kiani, Lawyer, British Columbia 

92. Aida Kimiagar, Lawyer, Ontario 

93. Parinaz Lak, Lawyer, Ontario 

94. Natalie LaMarche, Lawyer, Ontario 

95. Shahrzad Lari, Lawyer, Ontario 

96. Ila Lateran, Lawyer, Ontario 

97. Assal Mahmoudian, Lawyer, Ontario 

98. Atoussa Mahmoudpour, Lawyer, British Columbia 

99. Maryam Mahmoudzadeh, Lawyer, Ontario 

100. Aila Makooli, Lawyer, Ontario 

101. Rojan Malekzadeh, Lawyer, Ontario 

102. Sudabeh Mashkuri, Lawyer, Ontario 

103. Masiel Matus, Lawyer, Ontario 

104. Elena Mazinani, Lawyer, Ontario 

105. Noushin Mazrooyi, Lawyer, Ontario 

106. Delaram Mehdizadeh Jafari, Lawyer, Ontario 

107. May Mehrabi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

108. Maral Mir-Hosseini, Lawyer, Ontario 

109. Ross Mirian, Lawyer, Ontario 

110. Maryam Mirkhond-Chegini, Lawyer, Ontario 

111. Sahaub Missaghi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

112. Richard Afshin Missaghie, Lawyer, Ontario 

113. Nabeel Moallem, Lawyer, British Columbia 

114. Elham Moaveni, Lawyer, Ontario 

115. Lida Moazzam, Lawyer, Ontario 

116. Elmira Moghadam, Lawyer, Ontario 

117. Ardy Mohajer, Lawyer, Ontario 

118. Maryam Mohajer, Lawyer, Ontario 

119. Mahnoosh Montazeri, Lawyer, Ontario 

120. Kiana Moradi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

121. Tabby Morshedizadeh, Lawyer, Ontario 

122. Maziar Mortezaei, Lawyer, Ontario 

123. Armin Mosaffa, Lawyer, Ontario 

124. Laleh Moshiri, Lawyer, Ontario 

125. Sara Motamedi, Lawyer, Ontario 

126. Hesam Motevalli, Lawyer, Ontario 

127. David Mousavi, Lawyer, Ontario 

128. Ahmad Mozaffari, Lawyer, Ontario 

129. Shahrooz Nabavi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

130. Bob Nahiddi, Lawyer, Ontario 

131. Pedram Najafi, Lawyer, Ontario 

132. Sepideh Nassabi, Lawyer, Ontario 

133. Nassim Nasser, Lawyer, British Columbia 

134. Justin Nasseri, Lawyer, Ontario 

135. Setareh Nasseri, Lawyer, Ontario 

136. Shahab Nazarinia, Lawyer, Ontario 

137. Neda Nazari-Pruden, Lawyer, Ontario 

138. xxxxxxxxxxx, Lawyer, Ontario (person requested to remove name from this list)

139. Noushin Nowbahari Seysan, Lawyer, Ontario 

140. Hiva Parandian, Lawyer, British Columbia 

141. Mani Peydayesh, Lawyer, Alberta 

142. Aida Rafie, Lawyer, Alberta 

143. Panizeh Rahdari, Lawyer, Ontario 

144. Felorin Rahi, Lawyer, Ontario 

145. Bita Rajaee, Lawyer, Ontario 

146. Shohreh Rakhshannavaz, Lawyer, Ontario 

147. Sepideh Ramandi, Lawyer, Ontario 

148. Shaida Rashidi, Lawyer, Ontario 

149. Rae Ravani, Lawyer, Ontario 

150. Kaveh Rezaeikalaj, Lawyer, Ontario 

151. Delaram Saadi, Lawyer, Ontario 

152. Aydin Sadagheh, Lawyer, Alberta 

153. Eiman Sadegh, Lawyer, Québec 

154. Roja Safartabar, Lawyer, British Columbia 

155. Justin Safayeni, Lawyer, Ontario 

156. Azin Samani, Lawyer, Ontario 

157. Sara Samet, Lawyer, Ontario 

158. Houtan Sanandaji, Lawyer, British Columbia 

159. Katayoon Sarpash, Lawyer, Ontario 

160. Mohsen Seddigh, Lawyer, Ontario 

161. Soroush Seifi, Lawyer, Ontario 

162. Shahrzad Sekhavati, Lawyer, Ontario 

163. Jason Shabestari, Lawyer, British Columbia 

164. Maryam Shahidi, Lawyer, Ontario 

165. Kathy Shakibnia, Lawyer, Québec 

166. Siavash Shekarian, Lawyer, Ontario 

167. Mahsa Shoar, Lawyer, British Columbia 

168. Shahrouz Shoghian, Lawyer, British Columbia 

169. Morvarid Shojaei, Lawyer, Ontario 

170. Sara Shuchat, Lawyer, British Columbia 

171. Ali Sodagar, Lawyer, British Columbia 

172. Maryam Sodagar, Lawyer, British Columbia 

173. Bobby Solhi, Lawyer, Ontario 

174. Pooneh Sooresrafil, Lawyer, Ontario 

175. Rozita Taeidi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

176. Roxana Tavana, Lawyer, Ontario 

177. Amir Tehrani, Lawyer, Ontario 

178. Zeitoon Vaezzadeh, Lawyer, Ontario 

179. Arash Vakili, Lawyer, Ontario 

180. Babak (Bobby) Vakili, Lawyer, Ontario 

181. Siavash Vatanchi, Lawyer, Ontario 

182. Donya Yarahmadi, Lawyer, Ontario 

183. Aryan Yassavoli, Lawyer, Lawyer 

184. Hoursa Yazdi, Lawyer, Ontario 

185. Leena Yousefi, Lawyer, British Columbia 

186. Dyanoosh Youssefi, Lawyer, Ontario 

187. Mehran Youssefi, Lawyer, Ontario 

188. Hooman Zadegan, Lawyer, Ontario 

189. Saba Zakaria, Lawyer, Ontario 

190. Parisima Zandi, Lawyer, Ontario 

191. Masoud Zangeneh, Lawyer, Ontario 

جاستین ترودو در کمیسیون بررسی دخالت دولت‌های خارجی شهادت داد

جاستین ترودو در کمیسیون بررسی دخالت دولت‌های خارجی شهادت داد

جاستین ترودو در بخشی از پاسخ‌های خود به پرسش‌های قاضی ماری ژوزه هوگ، رئیس کمیسیون گفت با توجه به مطالبی که در رسانه‌ها در باره دخالت کشورهای خارجی در امور داخلی کانادا منتشر شده به سختی می‌تواند بدون آسیب رساندن به روند کار نهادهای اطلاعاتی و امنیتی کانادا برخی از ادعاها را تأیید یا تکذیب کند.

حامد اسماعیلیون: جمهوری اسلامی چگونه در امور داخلی کانادا دخالت می‌کند؟

حامد اسماعیلیون: جمهوری اسلامی چگونه در امور داخلی کانادا دخالت می‌کند؟

در نخستین روز این کمیسیون تعدادی از فعالان سیاسی کشورهای چین، هند و روسیه و همچنین #حامد_اسماعیلیون فعال سیاسی و سخنگوی سابق انجمن خانواده‌های قربانیان پرواز #ps752 در باره روش‌های دخالت این کشورها در امور داخلی کانادا شهادت دادند.

خاطره‌های جنایت پرواز پی‌اس ۷۵۲

خاطره‌های جنایت پرواز پی‌اس ۷۵۲

انجمن خانواده‌های قربانیان پرواز PS752 در ادامه فعالیت‌های متمرکز بر #دادخواهی ، اقدام به انتشار سه کتاب تازه با عنوان‌های « نباید نوشته می‌شد- جلد ۱ »، « نباید نوشته می‌شد- جلد ۲ » و«سرخ در آغوش آسمان» کرده است.

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البرز که می رفتیم

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